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Old is the new New

Trends are continuously emerging in the world of interior design and some are noteworthly of making special mention. There is a recent re-emergence of a trend which marries old style decorating and modern day elegance and graciousness - it goes by the name of Shabby Chic. This style which was originally very popular in the 1980s, takes old and even worn out furniture and gives it a look that is both romantic and comfortable.


Shabby Chic is characterized by the use of white, neutrals and bright interiors. Worn out or even torn furniture, antique linens, sparkling chandeliers and reinvented tables and chairs are some of the prominent items used to bring this look together. The basic rule when it comes to Shabby Chic is to use what you have and create a comfortable, yet luxurious space. Here are some tips to help you achieve the Shabby Chic look:

Faded Carpets

Carpets are one of the most important features of a room when it comes to interior decorating. We have shown before what kind of impact a carpet can have on a room and when it comes to Shabby Chic, this is no exception. Vintage or faded carpets find the place very naturally in a Shabby Chic interior and they have a special way of enhancing the feeling of luxury and style.  Though Shabby Chic encorporates mostly whites, since the Vintage carpets are quite faded, you can add a small amount of color without dominating the look.


Almost any type of furniture can be turned into a piece that will help attain the Shabby Chic look. Wooden furniture is particularly versatile since it can be painted white with either the use of a brush or even spray paint. For an added touch, you can then give certain areas some wear with sand paper or even a wet sponge before the paint has a chance to fully settle.


Keeping in mind that the key is balancing comfort and elegance, you can compliment those bright whites and pastels with shinny silvers and wrought iron accessories.  This can be anything from a chandelier to drawer handles or even an antique piece that adds a personal touch.


Shabby Chic is not only a style destined for a summer cottage, but rather a fun and cozy way of bringing a sence of rustic elegance to your everyday home. 

Picture: Ziegler carpet
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