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Deborah Velasquez

Designer: Deborah Velasquez

United States

United States

My name is Deborah Velásquez, a Brooklyn original, I enjoy the creative life in the wooded hills of New England with my husband and two sons. My inspiration comes from travel, the simple beauty of nature found in my back garden, and the primitive innocence of my sons scribbles.

"When I am making art, I know this is what I should be doing.
I want my work to be, "Where Art and Beauty Meet Lifestyle"©

I am an artist-designer, author and blogger who creates paintings, prints, ceramics, cards, textiles and mobiles. I love the mix of design, words, art and craft. My work is modern, sophisticated, graphic and bold with a fun color sense and it reflects my love for the simplicity of line. My work shows my love of gouache, watercolor and printmaking.

I learn from my art supplies and I explore line, shape, wash, stamping, and cut paper and their playful relationships with each other a creative space.

My art and designs can be found on products such as rugs, wall art, ceramics, stationery, textiles, and mobiles, and my hats were featured at New York’s Henri Bendel.

My work is carried by Minted, West Elm, Target, Home Goods, CarpetVista and giftware and home décor licensing companies. I just published a book, Drawing in Black and White with Quarry Books.

Visit my website at www.deborahvelasquez.com or follow me on Instagram @velasquezstudio.

Tæpper af Deborah Velasquez

Design: Underwater World

This watercolor evokes a sense of calmness and serenity that can be brought to any living space. Water, flow and nature's ocean all come to play in this painting in hues of black and blue. Inspired by walks on the beach, I find that ocean life plays a big part in the work I create.


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